Founder’s Favorites I: Tim

Josh and I are going to start a blog “series” if you will titled “Founders Favorites”. Basically what we’re going to do is post one of our favorite pieces from our closet once a week. I (Tim) will do my posts on Mondays and Josh will do his on Wednesdays. We thought this would be a cool way to mix things up and a way for you guys to get to know us a little better.

I’m going to start off the series with my pair of Sperry for J. Crew Top-Siders in the dark wood color.

I picked these up about a month ago after a long personal debate over wether or not I should get a pair of Sperrys. They’re super trendy right now but I’ve been know to dog on fraternities at school so I felt maybe I was being a little hypocritical by owning a pair of boat shoes. I spotted these at the J. Crew in my local mall and was immediately drawn to them. They were the exact 2 eyelet style I was looking for and the broken in look was a major improvement over the new shiny new ones everyone wears in my opinion. I thought they were just display items so I didn’t ask to try them on in the store or anything. I should have because I later found out they sell them in-store. You can order them online in the link provided as well. If you’re a student or educator I’d grab a pair in your local J. Crew, they offer a 15% discount if you’re either.

These shoes are just the right amount of fancy to add to your outfit. I like to pair them with my J. Crew seersucker club shorts, (More on those later) but they’ll work with practically anything.

The only complaints I have so far are the fact that they are slip on shoes. I know a lot of people love slip ons but I personally prefer the tied leather laces on a pair of nice boat shoes. Sperry’s also seem to run bigger it seems like. I usually wear a 13 but really wish I had ordered these in a 12. They aren’t dramatically oversized but they slip just enough to be a nuisance.

Overall for my first pair of boat shoes I’m beyond happy. They’re super stylish and comfortable, and the fact that they’re a collaboration with one of my favorite brands made the deal even sweeter. These Sperry’s are a little pricier than the normal ones at $98 a pair, but still a pretty good buy if you want the broken in look right away.

— Tim


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