BRAIN FARM 2012 reel

This is almost a bit unrelated but BRAIN FARM Cinema released this film reel highlighting the work they’ve done over the last year. If you have 4 minutes and are up for being inspired check it out.

Although you’re probably somewhat familiar with BRAIN FARM’s work you probably don’t know a lot about the actual company. This little snippet from their website sums it up pretty nicely, “BRAIN FARM is a turn-key boutique production house specializing in aerial cinematography and all facets of capturing and producing the highest end HD digital cinema for film, TV, digital and commercial outlets.”

BRAIN FARM has done work for companies and productions like; Red Bull, Jackass 3D, ESPN, Subaru, BBC, Oakley, and Godfrey Productions just to name a few. They’re most recognizable work is probably the few Red Bull commercials you have come across over the last year. Mainly the spot with deaf motocross racer Ashley Fiolek and the spot with the snowboarders from the “Art of Flight” movie Red Bull released. Check them out below

— Tim


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