Founder’s Favorites II: Josh

In case you missed the first Founder’s Favorites, Tim and I will biweekly post one thing that we like from our own closet or room.

One of my favorite pieces I own, that definitely gets the most use, is this blue hoodie from H&M. My roommates like to keep our apartment cooler than I like it, so I always keep this jacket handy to throw on and throw the hood up. Hoodies overall are one of my favorite articles of clothing due to the fact I can hide in my hood. I am a very introverted person until you get to know me, so long sleeves and hoods work out well for me.  What I like from a design perspective about this hoodie is the contrasting zipper and drawstring, which stands out as opposed to having it the same color as the hoodie itself. These retail at H&M in the United States for $19.95 and come in eight different color options. It’s a cheap and easy way to add some color to your closet and comfort during those cool months.

– Josh


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