Founders Favorites III: Tim

This week I’ll be highlighting my Herschel Supply Co. Heritage backpack.

Ever since I saw a Herschel bag for the first time on tumblr I’ve wanted one, I just could never get myself to spend over $50 on a backpack. However I purchased this a few weeks back thanks to a $50 Amazon gift card that was given to me by my mom and dad. The bag cost me like $8 of my own money and was more than worth it. Plus after lots of deliberation with my inner self I figured $50 wasn’t bad for a brand name backpack, considering JanSport bags will run you about the same. I originally wanted the Pop Quiz pack, but it was more expensive and I was regrettably talked into getting the Heritage. If I could do it over I would get the Pop Quiz, just because it’s a little bigger and I like the zipper on the front pocket look. It also has a valuables pouch that would of been handy for carrying my sunglasses on campus.

As much as I would rather have the Pop Quiz I really love the Heritage. I have no problem fitting my laptop and everything else I need for the day in the bag.One of my main complaints is that the bottom isn’t real leather. I wasn’t expecting it to be because the description specifically says that it isn’t, but I figured for almost $60 Herschel could provide us with a real leather bottom and handle. The pleather is a better option just because it serves a better all weather purpose. My only other issue is that zipping up the bag takes some getting used to. If you’re in a hurry to leave class the flaps that cover the zippers will get in the way and it takes some extra time to get everything situated. Once you get used to it though it’s not as big a hassle. The overall quality is pretty fantastic I haven’t had any problems with zippers or tearing canvas. I expect the bag to last me a long time. The color is great as it goes with pretty much anything I decide to wear that day. I also love that it’s an accessory not many people on my campus have, making me somewhat stand out from the regular JanSport or SwissGear clad students.

Overall if you’re thinking about adding a Herschel bag to you collection I would highly recommend doing so. Herschel makes a great product they stand by and I’ve heard nothing but great things about their customer service. Pick one up it’s a brand name purchase you won’t regret.



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