KiD CuDi Spits a Verse

“Hello friends, Cudder is back.”

KiD CuDi stopped halfway through his show inĀ Geneseo, NY to address his crowd about everyone asking him when he was going to start rapping again. “Whenever I feel like it” was his response and then he proceeded to unveil one of the new songs he was working on, which so happens to feature him rapping. The crowd loved it and any CuDi fan will be excited to hear him flowing through some bars again. He supposedly has more in the works with leftover songs and beats from Man on the Moon I & II (his first two albums) according to his twitter.

Childish Gambino told BET in an interview that he wanted to work with Mr. Mescudi on a track for his new mix tape, so maybe that has reignited CuDi’s passion for rapping. All I can say is it’s an exciting time to be a KiD CuDi fan.

— Tim


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