Founders Favorites V: Tim

If you’re a new reader (Welcome!) our Founders Favorites posts are us highlighting one of our favorite things we own. I do them every Monday and Josh does them every Wednesday.

This week I’ll be talking about the most recent addition to my wardrobe; My Timex Weekender slip through watch.

Now this watch has been blogged, highlighted, listed, and featured like crazy. I originally caught wind of it on a tumblr I used to follow. I immediately thought it was a pretty cool looking vintage-y watch, and wanted to purchase one. However, I would always back out just one click away from completing my order online. I haven’t worn a watch in years, like since 3rd grade when it was the coolest thing ever to own your own watch. (and spend hours trying to stop the stopwatch at 1.00 seconds) Realizing this I figured I would never wear it so there’s no point in getting one. I finally pulled the trigger a little over a week ago and made that final click. Partially just because I always wanted it with an orange strap and stumbled across the one pictured; It was exactly what I wanted and I’ve been dressing nicer at school so I figured what the heck.

Right out of the box I loved the look of it; simple and easy to read yet as refined as a $45 watch can be. The build quality is pretty great and the nylon strap is a great touch of color. The best feature is the fact that the strap can be changed for a different color, so you could have a number of straps to suit whatever outfit you’re wearing for the day. My only disappointment was with the fit, now, as a disclaimer I’m definitely bigger than average so fit for me is different than most people anyway. The watch fits but I’m on the last available notch of the strap. I’ve since ordered a slightly longer strap (a bit harder to find than I thought) and it’s on it’s way. It felt really weird to wear a watch again, especially since it was just a hair tight, but at the same time it was just dressy enough to make me feel kinda cool. It’s a nice touch to anything you’re wearing and the ability to customize it means you don’t have to wear it the same way everyday.

I did experience a bit of buyers remorse when I found the same watch on Amazon for a much lower price, so if you’re planning on purchasing one I’d start there. I went through the Timex website and received the watch fairly quickly and in working order. All in all this is a simple and affordable wristwatch to add to your collection to wear whenever. I’d highly recommend one.


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