Cash Money Films

Bryan “Birdman” Williams only talks money. The Cash Money mogul announced to XXL magazine that the Cash Money empire is expanding to the silver screen. The music label has already moved into the book publishing industry with Cash Money Content. Now with this announcement Cash Money will be making moves closer and closer to the fifth word of their self given title, Young Money Cash Money Billionaires. Williams, a.k.a. Baby, said they would begin shooting their first film this fall. He went on to say the first film would be called Rich Gang and “everybody is going to be the star of it, but (Lil) Wayne will be the center of it. It’s about the team, everybody that’s on the label.” It is unclear what the film will be about or if it will be more along the lines of a documentary of the team but Baby did specifically state there won’t be acting and he wants everyone to just be themselves. Would y’all watch? Let us know what you think below in the comments.

– Josh



  1. coolcounterculture

    Would I watch? I’ll actually pay them to disappear off the face of the Earth. They’re not rap, they’re laughable. Why would you listen to these clowns when there’s a plethora of classic old rap with beats and lyrics of substance.

    • Between White Lines

      haha who do you like to listen to? I think maybe they have already peaked in their career and expanding to other industries is a smart business move. We do appreciate your comments.

  2. coolcounterculture

    A smart move indeed. I respect them a business people and they’re millionaires which is commendable but from a stylistic view it’s so lightweight. I’m a Gangstarr, Wu-Tang, Ghostface, Tribe, Big L, Lord Finesse, Mos Def, Jeru, Freddie Foxxx, Pete Rock, Rakim kind of guy.
    I mean when you hear a DJ Premier beat that’s so phat and banging it’s hard to listen to some minimal 808 beat with people talking about nothing really. I’ve listened to the Cash Money guys and the message they deliver is regressing what rap stands for. It’s a shame but the kids buy into it.

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