Founder’s Favorite VIII: Josh

Hold on! Hold on! Hold On! Before you judge me let me tell you that it is my girlfriend’s Slanket. The Slanket is the original blanket with sleeves. I’m sure you have seen the Snuggie and assumed that’s what this is, however you would be wrong. The Slanket offers more than just some late night TV advertised blanket does. It has a foot pocket, a hands pocket and it is thicker to actually keep you warm like a blanket is supposed to! Now it sounds like I am a spokesperson for the Slanket but I’m not. I just really like the convenience and quality it offers over a regular blanket. I know for awhile they were the joke of the town but if you haven’t tried one you should from their store. For only $30 it’s great for watching TV, reading a book, or even just sleeping in. I use my girlfriend’s all the time and that’s why it is my founder’s favorite.

– Josh


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