Nike to Sell Umbro and Cole Haan Brands

The global athletic empire will soon no longer own Umbro or Cole Haan. Nike announced today that they will sell the two brands so they can focus on their Nike, Jordan, Converse and Hurley labels. Cole Haan was purchased by Nike in 1988 for $80 million and has turned into a brand known for their casual dress and leather shoes and bags. Umbro, the football (soccer) apparel brand, was purchased in 2008 for $565 million but will soon not be part of the Nike brand. The Wall Street Journal believes they sell will be a good move by Nike since the two brands are a small part of the overall namesake and good designers tend to want to move up to the more known labels leaving Cole Haan and Umbro behind. You may not know that this isn’t the first time Nike has removed brands from under its name. In 2008 Nike sold Bauer Hockey which was right after the 2007 sell of Starter. All the legal actions have already begun for the current split and the separation of the brands should be done as soon as May 2013.

– Josh


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