High Five City

High Five City is a “collective celebration”.

Mikey van Beuren started High Five City after his experiences as a college soccer player. I can’t sum up the back story so I’m going to paste it below. You can pick up pieces on his online store or through a flash sale currently going on on JackThreads.

— Tim

During my first two years playing college soccer, our team could not win.

We had plenty of talent and we worked harder than any other team in the league, we just lacked the confidence that every team needs to be successful. The confidence that promises victories and scores goals, the confidence that leaves one team sliding head-first along rowdy sidelines with ripped and grass-stained jerseys into a team pile-on, and leaves the other team on a silent bus ride home. Half times usually had us on the losing side. We were exhausted and frustrated, and Coach would pull us into a huddle and point over to the guys on the other team who were high-fiving and celebrating their lead. His halftime speech would go something like, “look over there, look at those guys, they’re pumped to be up two-nothing on you guys, they’re high-fiving each other. Its High Five City over there.” Coach used High Five City as a taunting phrase of encouragement describing what we didn’t have, but eventually it became ours. HIGH FIVE CITY was the chant that ushered our team from silent bus rides home to unruly Saturday night celebrations.  After a 1-0 win my senior year against the unbeaten league favorites, HIGH FIVE CITY had been established and we were winners. The stencil was born.

High Five City is the victory party, the glory land, the place you only get to through hard work, hustle and dedication. High Five City is the place you want to be and the place you want to share with your friends.

High Five City is a collective celebration.



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