Founders Favorites XII: Tim

I know I’m a little late but my day was hectic with summer school starting and everything. This week I’ll be featuring my J. Crew club shorts.

I’ll start off by saying J. Crew is one of my favorite brands out there. I think I’ve mentioned that before but it’s the truth and I wish I could afford more of their clothes. I’ve always loved the look of these shorts but when I initially went to try them on at the J. Crew outlet they were a totally different style. For some reason the Stanton short doesn’t fit me around the waist and they’re too short for my liking. The Club shorts however fit me around the waist perfectly and the 11″ inseam is absolutely perfect. For those who like them shorter they come in 9″ inseams as well. I now own three pairs of these shorts and they’re my favorite ones to wear. They look great, they are super comfortable, and they’re worth the extra money in my eyes. The price point isn’t horrible but as a student I also enjoy their student discount, and if I’m lucky they’ll have them at my local outlet every once in a while. The three pairs I own are in the pictures, and my bright ember pair probably gets the most wear. I never really saw myself wearing pink shorts but I find myself considering wearing that pair almost everyday. Bottom line this a great pair of shorts and a great price point for the person who wants to be fashion forward and spruce up their closet a little.

— Tim

These seersucker shorts are great, they were the first pair I ever bought.



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